The Adventures of Pipì the Pink Monkey

This retelling of a lesser-known story by Collodi has turned out to be my most successful book to date. I must thank Axel Scheffler and his wonderful illustrations for helping me give this tale the attention it deserves. It is now being translated into many languages across the world. Hopefully this will be the spur for me to write more adventures of the cheeky monkey, which was Collodi’s original intention. Here you can read an article I wrote for the Guardian about the book and its composition. It’s great to see that this story is loved by so many children – including my son Emiliano, one of my inspirations for Pipì the pink monkey.

“A gentle and amusing story from the author of Pinocchio with plenty of excitement and food for thought.” Primary Times

“With so much excitement packed into a relatively short book, this is a pacy and highly enjoyable read, with the added benefit of lovely illustrations by Axel Scheffler.” Parents in Touch

“A must-read for all adventure-loving children and a fantastic addition to any library.” The School Librarian



Pipì isn’t like his four brothers or the other young monkeys living in the forest of Hullabaloo: he has bright-pink fur, a mischievous character and a rebellious streak that lands him into all sorts of scrapes. In this story, an expanded version of Collodi’s original tale, we see him lose his tail to an ancient crocodile, end up as a valet to a young master, fall into the hands of flying bandits and become emperor of a tribe of apes.

Collodi wrote this story immediately after Pinocchio, and the little monkey’s adventures present clear similarities, both in terms of themes and characters, with his more celebrated masterpiece. This rediscovered gem of Italian literature, beautifully illustrated by Axel Scheffler and preserving all of Collodi’s trademark wit and linguistic crispness, will delight and enthral a new generation of children.

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