My Bookshelf

In this section I will post, from time to time, some books from my personal bookshelf – books in which I contributed a piece or feature, or those I am reading for pleasure.

I translated two of Alexander Pope’s books into Italian – The Rape of the Lock and Peri Bathous. This is my next translation challenge, and I keep going back to this book with a mild sense of dread and despair…
My wife Elisabetta’s yummy cookery book published by Bloomsbury in May 2016. Two of the recipes are mine: the pizza and spaghetti alle vongole. For any lovers of Puglia and of simple, healthy food…
A great book by Enrico Franceschini on Italians in London. My wife and I feature in Chapter 8 (“Oscar-Winning Publishers”), which talks about how we moved to London and set up our publishing house.
This is the August/September 2015 issue of the London Magazine (England’s oldest literary periodical), in which I contributed a piece for the My London section, which you can read here.