La valle dell’Anima – Keats’s Letters

I am delighted by the many positive reviews of my translation of John Keats’s Letters, published by Adelphi. The latest, by the eminent translator and critic Masolino d’Amico, appeared yesterday in La Repubblica. “This is the largest and most lovingly translated selection of Keats’s letters that could be expected in our language,” D’Amico says. “When translating […] the numerous poems that Keats inserts in his letters, Gallenzi retains the verse scheme of the original, including rhymes […], with affable simplicity. […] His heroic effort is particularly successful when he translates poems written in a half-serious tone, such as those address to his younger sister Fanny.”


Keats Adelphi

Bloggerel redivivus! Bloggerel is back!

In spring 2014 we took the decision to close down our blog. As it turns out, it was only a temporary measure. A mere seven and a half years have passed, and I am looking forward to bridging that gap and catching up with literary blogging in the following weeks and months.

So many things have happened during this period of self-imposed silence… As we resume Bloggerel, I will make sure that we look forward as well as back, in order to give you a full and honest account of ourselves.

So stay tuned until my next post, which hopefully won’t take seven more years to appear…

Welcome to My New Blog

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