Publishing & Editing Work

Words, words, words… As the publisher of Hesperus and Alma Books and its imprints, I have commissioned well over a thousand titles during the last twenty-odd years, editing or proofing most of them, and at times curating the volumes, typesetting them, writing the notes, the index or an introduction. Here is a selection of some of the titles I personally worked on, as well as others I simply published.

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Childhood Memories

Travelling to Infinity

The Very Thought of You

The English Harem

The Water Theatre

Tristram Shandy

Eugene Onegin

The Intelligent Woman's Guide

Sketches of Young Ladies

Poems (Dickens)

Great Gatsby

Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Journey to the end of the Night

Locus Solus (new cover)

Little Prince

The Testament

Master and Margarita

A Young Doctor’s Notebook

Notes on a Cuff


Diaries and Selected Letters

The Same Old Story

Don Quixote

The Withering World

Peter Pan

Little Women

Just So Stories


The Canterville Ghost

The Selfish Giant

Treasure Island